Friday, May 29, 2009


Now there is laughter,
And fun,
And poetry.
The light in our eyes tells it all.
Cupid is pulling strings,
And nothing else matters.
It's that time
When questions are answered with kisses,
And whispered 'I love you's,
And for now, it's okay.
Your every move is faultless,
Your every word, sacred.
And love,
And life,
Can't get any better.

Now tomorrow is today,
And we do not know us.
Laughter is in tears,
Fun is suffering,
Poetry curses.
The look in our eyes says it all.
Cupid has left us hanging,
And now, everything matters.
It's that time
When every answer leaves suspicion,
And doubt,
And now, there's no way.
Our words are poisoned arrows,
Our actions vicious blades,
And love,
And life,
Are dead to us.

And so now,
Though we fight it,
Each second brings us closer
To the day we ask the question,
'What went wrong'.

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