Friday, May 29, 2009


She came by my way the other day
To rub it in my face again.
I had no words for her,
She'd made me no promises.
The hands and eyes I held that day,
They were yours.
The vows we mabe that day,
They were ours.
So correct me if I'm wrong,
But I thought you said forever.

They say I have it good,
'At least he keeps it outside the door.'
But I'd never wished to settle for less,
To ever compromise, forget myself,
To be the first, but not the only.
This heart's been bruised so many times,
But now, your silence rips it out,
Makes a mockery of our shared lives.
So, pray tell, I might be wrong,
Because, that bright October morn,
I thought you said forever.

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