Monday, January 17, 2011


Baby Baby,
I’ve never felt happier
Than the day you were born.
We both had tears, Baby;
Mine were of joy,
Yours were of indignation.
I looked at you that day,
And the world was perfection.

Baby Baby,
So eager to grow.
Was it not yesterday
You learnt to sit up?
Today you toddle
And hardly stumble.
But Baby, I fear for you,
Life is sweet, but bitter too.

For sweeteness,
There’s nothing like sunrise
And the beauty of nature;
Nothing like chocolate
And the taste of honey;
Nothing like euphoria
And the heady feeling of success;
Nothing, Baby, like a pure love.

But Baby,
Have you tasted bitterness?
What can prepare you
For the sting of a scorpion,
The might of an earthquake;
The pain of betrayal,
Or the pain of a love unreturned.

So Baby Baby,
What’s the hurry?
Take your time,
And grow up slowly.

Baby Baby, if I were fate
I would be so very partial to you.
I would take a sieve,
Separate the good from the bad and ugly,
And shower you, Baby, with all the good.

Baby Baby, better still,
I would freeze time in place
So forever you would be like this
And I will keep you always in bliss.

But Baby Baby,
Your innocence must be lost someday.
And I can’t always keep you from harm’s way.

So Baby Baby,
What’s the hurry?
Take your time
And grow up slowly.


  1. Ha ha! Well, let me know when you do :-)