Sunday, March 27, 2011


Sometimes I just don’t feel like writing, and for a long time now I’ve been feeling that way. It gets me wondering if I’m the same person that wrote the likes of ‘Pet Peeves' and 'Pet Peeves II’, ‘Blame it on a Yellow Dress’ and ‘The Quarry’. What magic formula did I use then? There were times when I’d wake up in the middle of the night with something in my head that I just had to put down. What was the secret? Was there even a secret? If I ever find out, I’ll let you know.

But I do realize that my writing is not about feelings – it’s mostly about discipline and the ability to just do it, feelings or no feelings. Having recently decided that I want to turn my writing into something more than just a hobby, I know that I should write something every day. And that is what this here is: my work for today. I know that I won’t write something absolutely fantastic every time (you can consider this post proof), but I’ll write anyway.

Most times, I don’t remember how I got to write something I wrote. I usually cannot trace the train of thought or the process that culminated in a particular work (if I could, then I’d have the formula). Writing, for me, is almost like an out of body experience, and so when people ask: “How did you think of that?” I tell them the truth: I don’t know. Very little of what I write comes from my personal experience (I guess that’s what the imagination is for). I haven’t drawn much from my own life in my writing, though there has been much to draw from.

Can I stop now? I don’t feel like writing anymore.

The question is this: how do I get my writing groove back? Inspiration is a fickle little *$!"%…, and considering I don’t know what moves mine to come, I might be waiting till I’m seventy if I choose to sit and twiddle my thumbs till it comes knocking! I started Pet Peeves III this week, but right now I think it’s crap not very good. I should just keep writing, abi. But apart from that…anything else? Help, anybody? 


  1. Write a story with a happy ending! That'll bring your groove back.

    Your office buddy

  2. Mood could be responsible. Happens to me too.
    However, when the slack time comes i focus more on reading books and articles from other people. It works to an extent cos ideas keep coming. Another thing is to have a little handy note where u jot ideas once they flash in my head, to keep them from evaporating.
    Small me. Hope i made a bit of sense.