Monday, June 27, 2011


We started at 1 p.m. today and finished at about seven. As always, I had a blast, even though it was one of my more quiet days. Our workshop entries were ‘workshopped’ today, which basically means we were given hints and tips and suggestions on how to make those stories better.

Then we had a nice lunch.

And after that, we read our assignments from yesterday, the one that had to start with ‘my mother never…’ For me, so far, that was the toughest one to do, and I’m not really sure why since it allows for so much freedom. At first I thought I’d write something that was actually about my mother. But then I didn’t. For something that was so hard to write I think I did okay in the end.

I find it funny that these past days, with the workshop assignments, I’ve never gone to bed without doing them, even though I’m extremely tired at the end of every day. It just makes me think of how, before the workshop, I’d get home from work usually at past six, go through my routine and when it’s time to write I think, ‘I’m too tired’. If nothing else, this workshop has made me see that if I say I really want to write something every day, I can. Discipline is the word. I know external motivation has always seemed to work better for me, but seriously…

At the workshop today I thought it quite tragic that I could never capture everything. Many of the things that never find their way here are some of the most interesting things for me about this experience. Like how Elnathan does the best impressions ever and has everyone in stitches. Like how Gimba is sort of the one everybody likes to pick on, in a good natured way, because he says stuff like ‘linguistic playfulness’ and ‘mechanical sexiness’. Like how Morenike is so stylish and I want to be like her when I grow up, but I just don’t care enough. Like Chimamanda’s subtle sense of humour. Like how twenty writers would take the same assignment and build twenty different worlds out of it, each one distinct and unmistakable. These are some of the things I never want to forget.

It’s just day four, but I’m already thinking, I don’t want this to end.


  1. I'm not even attending the workshop, and I'm inspired. It's amazing how twenty writers can come up with twenty different ideas. I like phrases like "linguistic playfulness" actually. :)

  2. @Jaycee: Lol. Linguistic playfulness is like our laughter button.