Tuesday, June 28, 2011


We continued with Adewale Maja Pearse today. Oh, and I was able to complete my assignment. It was two paragraphs and about six lines long. We read out our assignments. Some were short and punchy, others made us go awwww (like mine). Many were funny, and others were kind of like rants (like Glory’s). But they were all fun.

There was a lady who came to watch today, and I sat next to her at lunch. I told her that when I first saw her she reminded me of myself. Tahirah thought so too. She looks much younger than her 24, she’s light skinned and soft spoken like me, and she seems to have that same inner smile going that I think (and have been told) I have. We chatted a bit.

After Mr. Maja Pearse was done, Chimamanda told us her publishing story. I learned two important things: persistence, educate yourself (and I’m not talking about classroom education here), and believe in yourself. Okay, that’s three. Her story helped me see, even though I’ve always known it, that stories like hers don’t happen by magic. It was the years she spent working, in obscurity, that have earned her the place she has now. Of course, that doesn’t mean she won’t have to work hard anymore, but you know what I mean.

Oh, I got my Half of a Yellow Sun signed today.

Tomorrow we will be having Binyavanga Wainaina teach us. Should be fun.      


  1. So how was Binyavanga? I loved his "how to write about Africa satire.

  2. Binyavanga is really cool. Extremely jolly man.