Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I will start today’s post with our ‘class captain’, Tolu. He came to me today and said, “Six whole days and not even one mention on your blog.” Or something like that. So, Tolu, here’s to you. And thanks for reading.

We started today taking pictures as we waited for the session to start. Chimamanda came in and we talked—I mostly listened—until Binyavanga came.

How to describe Binyavanga. He’s so… jolly! I mean, like, incredibly. He has these sparkly, mischievous eyes, and he talks fast, like he can’t wait to get all those words out. He has a sense of humour and gisted us about Kenyan politics in the most colourful manner. He asked us to introduce ourselves and the introduction kept veering off into other subjects, like the origin of the Ebiras, like women who beat their men (lol), like how at writing workshops in Nigeria people tend to take critique less personal (I’d told him about my ‘Blame it on a Yellow Dress’ and how I no longer thought it was such a gem). That introduction went on for like an hour!

Binyavanga uses the ‘f’ word and says shit a lot. He puts us at ease and we laugh quite a bit. When he first walked in with his shaved head, I was like, “Oh, so from where did I get the impression that he wore his hair in dreadlocks? Was that someone else?” Then he told us the story of how he lost his hair.

Three stories, by Osemhen, Wame and Tahirah, were ‘workshopped’ today, and we got an assignment, which I am yet to do and which I'm not completely sure I understand. Tomorrow we continue with Binyavanga.

Funny, at my table today we discussed—among other things—shyness versus quietness, and who we thought was shy or not. Olumide, our ever cool lawyer, says he’s shy, and I say I think he’s just quiet. They all agree I’m not shy, which I think is a testimony as to how I’ve learnt to keep the shyness in check. I’m quite pleased.

And then Olumide says, “No, she’s not shy; she just thinks she’s better than everyone else.”

And I’m like no, I don’t! Gosh!

I hope I've not been going about rubbing people the wrong way. 

Better go do my assignment so I can have something to read tomorrow.   


  1. Lol, Uche, just saw this- I was just teasing you. But I don't think you're shy... I think you're quiet :)
    - Olumide.

  2. @Olumide: Okay, thats a relief. Lol. I think I'm much better with the shyness thing than I was a while back, but there's still a bit of it there. I like that people don't always get to see it though. Thanks for reading.

  3. Uche, if I'd known you were blogging about the workshop I would have screamed in your face till you gave me a mention. Lol! I'm really enjoying this. Memories...

  4. Hmmm.. Something I saw on Nkem's blog scared me. The literary evening of readings stuff - that is also open to the public! Pheew!! Does that mean all participants will have to read their pieces in front of a large audience??