Thursday, June 30, 2011


I’ll start today’s post with Tolu again, but this time not because he asked me to. I sat beside him at the workshop today for the first time and it was really fun. We gisted quite a bit.

It wasn’t one of my best days today. First the workshop started late, and then Binyavanga just seemed to talk the day away. He’s a funny guy, and quite entertaining, but sometimes I’d find myself lost trying to trace the train of discussion that had brought us to a certain point. Tolu was quite helpful. When lunch time came it was a great relief for me. Just before lunch, Iheoma (a former workshop participant who’s on his way to great things and who Chimamanda is really impressed with) came in with Jide (another former workshop participant) and they were with us until the end, critiquing the assignments with Binyavanga.

After lunch assignments from some more of us were read. I didn’t read mine. I don’t think my piece covers the assignment well. Anyway…

Chimamanda came in towards the end. We took some pictures and she asked me about my work with Farafina. I followed the guys to the hotel where they were staying, and Tolu and I gisted some more on the bus.

I can’t believe tomorrow is the last day. Sob. 


  1. Last days are not much fun because you have to say good-bye. I hope the journey was worth it.

  2. I admire your write-ups alot. Keep it up. I was recently selected, but I've got my remaining exam, on emergency (to hold on the 6th of August whereas the workshop begins on the 6th) ; and I don't want to miss neither. How do you suggest I manage it. Is Farafina likely to take such an excuse if I stay a day off to write the exam, after which I can join other participants.

    1. I think you should accept the place at the workshop anyway. Depending on how long the exam takes, you could sit for it, and possibly make it to the workshop later in the day. You could send an email to the contact person for the workshop and explain this to them.

  3. Alright. Thanks alot. Keep it up.

  4. Whoa.. I was ready to read till the hundredth workshop post.. Does it last for just eight days?