Saturday, July 2, 2011


Today’s the last day of the workshop proper—tomorrow will be a book reading and some other stuff—and I’m feeling sad that it’s come to an end, so I decide to go in much earlier than the 11 a.m. that we are supposed to start today. Derica (the girl who reminds me of myself) comes in some minutes after and we get to talking. The workshop starts quite late today cos the others are late getting in from the hotel.
I sit next to Tolu (whom I hereby nickname Tolz) again today and it was fun. 

Today’s workshop started with Tash Aw, a Malaysian writer. He didn’t want us to introduce ourselves by our names, but he told us to say one thing that was true about ourselves and one thing that wasn’t true and let the class guess which was which. From the things each of us said, and from the reaction of others to these things, he taught us some useful tricks in writing both fiction and nonfiction. I liked Tash and wish we’d been able to have more time with him.

After a nice lunch, Faith Adiele came on. She taught us about creative nonfiction and we did a few exercises in class which she used to teach us. We did one where we had to write down in columns things we remembered and didn’t remember about our childhood. We also did one where we mapped our homes or neighbourhoods and told our partners about the memories we had growing up. This was to show us possible sources of stories for memoir pieces. It was quite an interesting time today.

After class Elnathan and Nkem did impressions. That was hilarious. Elnathan refused to do Chimamanda sha, I don’t know why.

After we left the workshop, we went to the hotel with the guys. It was nice. A lot of books were signed and we ate popcorn and shawarma and gizzard. And I took movies from Tolz's hard drive.

I suspect there might be tears tomorrow when we finally have to leave.

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