Friday, July 6, 2012


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They liked to call themselves bad guys; but she knew Toju. He wasn’t one of those bad ones. He only talked tough and acted like them so he could fit in. With her, he was gentle and sweet and sensitive, just the way she liked her men. He had only joined those cult people for protection; he didn’t want anyone to ride on him. And he wasn’t even that active in Triple X sef. He just coasted along; present enough in their midst to be seen, absent enough to be forgotten. That was what he said. She didn’t bother to ask how come, then, he had become the Capo’s right hand man.

If it hadn’t rained that day several weeks ago, they might never have met. She had been walking home from Ofirima Hall—the queues at the bus stop were too long—when a car had sped past, bathing her with water from a puddle that had formed beside the road. As she recovered from the shock and got ready to scream, ‘God punish you!’ at the car, she’d noticed it reverse, making its way back to where she stood. He had stumbled out of the car, stuttering apologies and trying to wipe her down with his handkerchief. She’d let him drive her to the hostel.

It had rained again, a few minutes ago. Not the kind of rain that made the weather cold; the kind that seemed to cause heat to rise from the ground. She lay on her bunk, fanning herself with the handout she was supposed to be reading. She wiped her forehead with the back of her palm. There was no electricity on campus, and the generators would only come on at night. She picked up her phone to call Toju for the fifth time that afternoon, wondering if he was still in class. She wanted to go to his room off campus, at GRA. He had air conditioning there, and his own generator just in case. Her phone beeped. There was a text message from her friend, Tumini.

I herd cult boyz attackd one guy. Dey hav taken d guy to teachin hospitl. Dey sed its TriplX dat did it. How far? Was Toju ther?

She tossed her phone on the bed beside her and stretched. Tumini just liked to spread gist, verified or otherwise. And even if it was true, she wasn’t bothered. There was no way Toju was involved. He was not one of the bad ones.


  1. Funny how we sometimes lie to ourselves. He became the right-hand man to the capo, yet in her mind he's still the 'good guy.' Interesting story with a serious cliff-hanger. Would there be a part 2? :)

    1. No part two; this is the end. Thanks for reading.