Saturday, November 17, 2012


A couple of weeks ago I visited a friend schooling in Lincoln. It took about three hours by train. I found it a charming little city (town?) that seems to have more character than my Manchester. Or maybe I just haven't done enough exploring here. 

I have pictures, courtesy of Pemi (mostly) and Dunni. Much fun was had.

This pretty little river (canal?) runs through parts of Lincoln. Idyllic, no?

The happy feet of us (at the Usher Gallery) :-D

They called this 'The Prodigal Son'... And I'd thought it was '15th Century Sugar Daddy with Boy Toy'.

Outside the Usher Gallery. Top right, you can just make out the Lincoln Cathedral. The road up ahead, I think, is the one called Steep Hill Street... which is actually on a steep hill that leads up to the cathedral and Lincoln Castle. No irony there.

Attack of the birds! These guys must have been pretty hungry.

Stunning view...

This array of vegetables was on display inside the Lincoln Cathedral.

What did they call these again... prayer candles? Inside Lincoln Cathedral.

Stained glass. No Gothic cathedral is complete without 'em.

The sign says it.

Autumn colours, inside the castle walls

They used to lock people up in here, in the castle :-(

Walking the castle walls. It was freezing that day, so not ideal.

Lincoln Cathedral, towering over everything else (as seen from the castle walls).

We stopped for hot drinks at this quaint little cafe-slash-patisserie around the cathedral area. I think it looks like a dollhouse. Their hot chocolate was the best I've had yet. Sadly, I don't remember their name.


  1. Yay! My pictures are famous!

  2. Lovely pictures, quaint town. Are those your feet in pink? Tell me I'm right :)

    1. Sorry, those are Dunni's feet (lol). My feet are in the black.

    2. Myne. how could you think Uche our own newbie would be the one in pink in UK cold? thick jacket, black boots was deffo Uche. Elementary Watson lol

      lovely pictures by Dunni . I love the idea of a canal street. pretty!
      Steep hill street lol. the Brit don't joke with their street names. we have an area called 'pity me' here in Durham :?

    3. Lol. Ginger, you're a smart one. And the pictures were mostly by Pemi; maybe even all, I'm not too sure.

      Really, there's a place called Pity Me. Hilarious. I wonder what the story behind that is...