Saturday, February 16, 2013


So I know YouTube has been around for years; and while I've used it to search for things and watch the random shared Facebook video, I haven't really explored it much by myself for fun, until quite recently. Like with any other free-for-all medium, there's a lot of trash on YouTube, but I've managed to find four gems that I absolutely love. 

Therefore, because it's good to share, and because I have no story for this week, I present, bottom to top, *drum roll* the four YouTube channels that I have spent the most time on so far (aka my faves). 

Number 4: The Lonely Island
These guys are famous for their hilarious music videos, many of which had me singing along. Here's one I really like:

Number 3: HISHEdotcom
So you think the ending of that movie was stupid? They agree! Watch their alternate ending of the movie, Titanic:

Number 2: TheFineBros
Brothers Ben and Rafi Fine do a whole lot of stuff on their channel, but what I love are their 'React' videos, where they get elders, kids, teens and (recently) popular YouTubers to comment on everything from pop culture and memes to viral videos to world events. I like Elders React best. Here's one episode:

Number 1: ADoseofBuckley
Nobody does angry humour like Buckley. This video should speak for itself. (I love his Canadian 'out' and 'about', by the way.)

I've shown you mine; care to share yours?

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