Friday, May 31, 2013


Here are pictures from Salford, Manchester, home of Media City, The Lowry, The Imperial War Museum North, Trafford Centre, Old Trafford Stadium and so on. Salford Quays is a great place to be on a warm, sunny day, and it has not seen the last of me yet! 

The Imperial War Museum, one of the places to see in Salford/Manchester

This white tank, it played war... I think...

Outside the museum

Not sure what these things are, but there are faces on them. Some kind of memorial maybe.

BBC buildings

View from high up in the museum

Lovely view of footbridge

See the reflection in the water?

Black and white solves everything.

Sometimes signs will look artsy in photos. Not sure this was one of those times though.

Old Trafford Stadium 

Cos we loves our feets

Back photo courtesy of Miss Pemi


  1. Oh Man! Waterfront scenery is always so beautiful!!!!

  2. You should try and catch a game next time.

    When am I going to see yours truly o? Milton Keynes isnt so far you know.
    Come have a gander at our concrete cows in MK :p

    1. Sounds like fun. I'm always up for some travelling :) I'll look up Milton Keynes.