Sunday, June 30, 2013


I spent the last week in Oslo and I had an amazing time. It's not a very large city, but it's peaceful; there's an almost laid back air to it. I left with the impression of Oslo as a great place to live, even though it's currently the most expensive city in the world. 

It's a stunning city, as my photos will show. Enjoy.

This major shopping street welcomes me.

The Parliament building (plus what appears to be a lovely couple, free of charge).

Docked boats.

My favourite photo of the docks. I think it looks like a beautiful painting.

This weird egg-like thing with a face was just standing beside a museum...

One of the more expensive residential areas, around the docks.

A 'busy' intersection.

Frogner Park is one of the must-see places in Oslo. It has a beautiful landscape, and loads of naked sculptures like this one.

A tower of naked stone people reaches to the sky...

More stone, more bodies, another lovely couple.

The Opera building.
View from the grounds of the Opera building.

This floating glass structure...

On top of the world... or of the Opera building.

View from Opera building. I love the bright colours.

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