Friday, January 24, 2014

Q AND A (or what happens when I try to write poetry)

Image from here

Your eyes ask questions your mouth won’t;
I ignore them because I can.
The answers stare back at us
With eyes unrelenting;
They sit uninvited at dinners that should be cosy,
Revel in silences that were once comfortable,
Mimic our coitus that used to mean more.
These answers are here,
Playing hide and seek with our minds.
One day they will outgrow this space,
Break down the walls around us.
They will swell till they burst
And leave a mess we’ll never clean up…
But ‘one day’ is a place far far away.
Today you swallow yet again,
I whistle another tune.


  1. I liked this.

    Btw, don't be scared. I'm no troll or anything. Once I like one thing you write, I usually go searching for other posts. I've been through your blog...*phew*

    Congrats on the Etisalat prize o! After going through this blog, I can only say- well done!

  2. Ps: visualverse is now a bookmark on my phone courtesy you.

    Thanks again...don't ever stop writing.

    Ever! Please?

    1. Lol. I never thought you were trolling. I'm always happy to get a new reader.

      I'm glad you like Visual Verse; I think it's awesome.

      :-) I don't intend to stop writing o. Not an option at all.