Monday, July 14, 2014


These days I feel like there’s been a lot of infighting in my head, with me constantly having to remind myself of the things that are important to me. It gets harder. The things that are important to me are not visible to the human eye. They’re not the typical outward markings of ‘success’. Sometimes it’s me wondering if I haven’t been/am not being ‘realistic’ enough, if I’ve been too stayed on a certain path, not leaving enough room for life to have its way with me, to change me, maybe for good, maybe not.

There was a time, in 2010 or 2011, when the chance to interview at a small oil and gas firm in VI landed at my feet. I went to the interview, but only because everyone said I should; and even though I did not plan to, I pretty much ended up telling my interviewer that I just wanted to write, and that a job that would not let me use this, well I had no use for. At the end of the day, the result was that a place would be created for me in their small space; it would be there if I wanted it. I did not want it. No big loss for them; they didn’t want me either, not really. I was a favour.

Sometimes, when I waste my time dwelling on all the ‘what-ifs’ in my life, that day comes to mind. What if I had acted the normal interviewee, told them where I see myself in five years, like a proper ‘going somewhere’ person who knows how to sound like she knows where she’s going? What if I’d started that job administering things I don’t know or care for? What if I had dipped a foot in the big Oil and Gas pond that people sell their grandmothers to get into? What if I’d taken the road not taken?

I don’t know. But are we supposed to know these things?

People who know better, they take the road they take and they don’t look back. Me, I’m constantly craning my neck to look back in the direction I came from, exploring the past to imagine a different present.

But none of that is real. The past is past, and all that I have is now.

There’s a difficult space between the things that I know and the things that I do. I’ve been living in that space far too long.


  1. *Sigh*..... I dont know, Uche...I have no idea what to say to this.

  2. Hi Uche,I feel d space too. It's a normal sign of self-discovery reserved for the stars.

  3. I know the feeling... just that it is the opposite. I have already dipped not just a foot, but both feet into the pond.

    I think Yazeed is right. It is important to keep your eyes on the ball, stay the course and watch things unfold in the most amazing way.

    Remember Violet.

  4. Thank you. I wonder too. Every. Single.Day.

  5. You are so open with your readers and that is so admirable. That is what makes your writings unique.

  6. This so resonates with me. *Sigh. At least, I do know that if you'd taken that road, I may not be reading this.

  7. Hmmm nice flavour and somewhat philosophical