Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Theatre Review: The Insomniacs

About the play

Written by Hafeez Oluwa, The Insomniacs is a delightful musical that tells the story of a band on their way to the big leagues. The Insomniacs - Ada, Deju, Lolo, Eric and Emeka - have worked hard and are ready for their big break, their first real show. But Deju's addiction will lead to a tragedy none of them could foresee, breaking the group apart and setting their lives on different courses. When they come together again years later, a lot has changed: loves lost and gained, hearts and bodies broken. Their only hope is their love for each other, and for the music.

It was with some reluctance that I bought a ticket to see The Insomniacs. I’d never experienced Lekki Waterside Theatre before, neither had I heard of the writer Hafeez Oluwa (as it turns out, The Insomniacs is his first stage play). But I love theatre, and I often enjoy musicals, so it was an easy decision. It turned out to be one I did not regret. 

The Insomniacs has a good story line, and really great music to go with it. The band had the audience singing along to songs like Asa’s ‘Jailer’, Styl Plus’s ‘Run Away’, ‘Say Something’ by A Great Big World and Christina Aguilera, and Staind’s ‘So Far Away’. Tosin Gregory gave an outstanding performance as Eric, the group’s drummer-slash-funny man. I wasn’t laughing when he gave his solo musical performance, though; I was nursing my goosebumps.  I’d watched Tosin in Band Aid last year, and now with The Insomniacs I’m definitely a fan.

Two scenes from the play were shown on screen using a projector, and I found this an interesting deviation from the norm. One short scene was set behind the audience, so we had to turn in our seats to watch. Another ‘scene’ was simply a disembodied voice that was one side of a phone conversation. It all came together very well.

In all, The Insomniacs was time and money well spent. The show started almost an hour late, but a few minutes in and all was forgiven.

The show is on for two more Sundays this month. Don’t dawdle.

Venue: Lekki Waterside Hotel, Wole Olateju Crescent, Lekki Phase I

Time: 2pm and 5pm, Sundays in July

Tickets: N3000


  1. Thanks for this review Uche.
    I always knew "The Insomniacs" would be a great come-together of good script writing, acting and music. What I didn't know was the inclusion of such deviations from the norm as you shared, that made it an all-the-more unforgettable experience.
    We need more intuitive thinking like this.
    I'm looking forward to a movie adaptation to add to my collection that already includes "Inale".
    Way to go!

    1. Thanks Moses. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

  2. Replies
    1. Hahaha! Are you sure? Like really sure? Lagos misses you too. Come back to her.

  3. This is nice. Hoping to see more of your work Hafeez.

  4. Great job my man Oluwa ,proud of you.

  5. More hyped dan eva to see d play today... Probably wld have to leave my flaws censor at home tenks to dis review... Lol