Friday, May 27, 2011


It's been a busy couple of months at work; but now, seeing the result of all that effort, it sure feels good. We'd been working on a textbook series for primary school civics, and now we're all but done. At least on our end. We're at the printing stage now. It kind of reminds me of my sisters' (one had her baby a few months ago, and the other we expect to have hers any day now) pregnancy experiences. With all the wahala that they experienced - swollen noses, added weight, changed complexions, morning sickness, swollen feet, constipation, etc etc - I find myself viewing the whole pregnancy and childbirth experience with trepidation. My sister assures me that when I hold the child (yep, the same one for which I went through all the wahala) in my arms, I will find it all worth it. Well, I sure hope so.

Anyway, working on the books has been sort of like a pregnancy experience, although, thankfully, the 'wahala' we went through had nothing to do with alterations to my body parts. And seeing the results (books one to three of the six-book series are out already), I can say it was worth it. It definitely feels good to see my name on a book for the first time (I didn't write it, though, so my name's not on the cover. But that will happen.).

So here's presenting the latest from Farafina Educational: We Are Nigerians: Civics and History for Primary Schools. The books have lovely illustrations that would appeal to kids, and simple, age-appropriate language that they can easily grasp. The exercises in the books are also very fun and engaging - from puzzles, mazes and matching exercises to "look at this" and "critical thinking" exercises, which sharpen the childrens' reasoning skills - and are guaranteed to get the children to enjoy the learning process. The books also teach children about Nigerian history and contemporary issues in Nigeria, without ignoring the many issues that we have as a nation; and it also goes ahead to teach students the little things they can do to bring about the positive change we desire for Nigeria.

Below are the e-flyers, featuring some characters from the book.

I dare say that the books are amazing. And I should know; a whole lot of work went into them. So parents, teachers, school owners, everyone, let's go book shopping!